Sending in my research permit

Getting my research permit written took a couple of weeks and I could only finish it after I submitted some small grants to help fund my project.  The hardest part turned out to be finding where to send it and how many copies to send.  The email address on the form itself was defunct and information was conflicting when I compared the Fulbright paperwork with various websites of the Botswana government, the Botswana Embassy in Washington D.C, and the U.S. Embassy in Botswana.  When I called the Botswana Embassy, they told me to check the website (!), but at least they confirmed I should send only one copy.  So, I’m sending one copy to the Ministry of the Environment in Gaborone.  The best piece of advice I got was from another Fulbrighter!  She said to send it by registered mail so that I would have the signature of the person who received it.  This allows me to track it down if I don’t hear back in a couple of weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.