I got a grant!

Yesterday I opened my campus mailbox and there was a FedEx envelop!  What’s this?  I opened it, and inside was a check and a letter.  Okay, so that does not happen everyday.  In the world of academics, where funding rates are as low as 2%, this is a rare event.  But success is often about the rare events, and so here I was, check in hand, gleeful and very surprised.

This wonderful foundation, called the Coypu Foundation, has agreed to give me a grant.  I was surprised because, when I submitted the application, it felt like it went into a dark abyss.  The application went through an internet portal and was never acknowledged.  No email, no nothing.  When I emailed the address on the portal to find out if they received my application, I received no reply.

A few months went by.

I gave up.

I figured it was lost effort (we academics do lots of that).

There was no one to call and ask.

And then I get a check in the mail.

Thank you Coypu.  Thank you.  Your money will be carefully funneled into research that will make a positive difference in the world.  And now I have your phone number and I know who to call when I apply again.